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Personal  chef jobs throughout the UK and internationally

Mise en Place has secured an excellent reputation with the permanent placement of personal and private chefs within private household and family organization environments both within the U.K and internationally

We offer a friendly and confidential service to our clients, our initial consultations are key in establishing a complete understanding of the Clients specific requirements.

Our chefs are of a very high calibre having held senior positions within award winning restaurants and hotels as well as experienced private chef candidates who are looking to move into new roles. At Mise en Place we advise and screen only the most suitable candidates who we believe have the necessary skill set to make a successful transition into private service.

Our current private chefs registered with us have extensive experience of specialty diets and food preparation which include: Macrobiotic, Low Sodium, Pritikin Diet, Low protein, Low carb,  Modern European, Asian, French, Diabetic and Wheat free,  Kosher and Halal food preparation.

At Mise en Place as well as looking for a particular skill set we also place particular emphasis on  personality and character type in order to ascertain a suitable match for both client and candidates alike.

Do you have a special event coming up? Perhaps you are wanting to cater for a personal event at home?

Private chef jobs are one of the most sought after positions in the culinary world. Many  professional chefs may prefer to avoid the high-pressure environment of premier restaurants, and private chef jobs are perhaps the best alternative. Private kitchen positions also often offer more variety for the chef, being free from the restrictions of a set menu, and most often not being limited to a single style of cuisine.

However, unlike the restaurant world, private kitchen positions are rarely telegraphed through professional networks. Households and private clubs looking to fill a head chef position may either seek personal recommendations from acquaintances, advertise or rely on the services of a professional placement agency. From the employer's position, recommendations and placement agencies offer the most reliable method of filling a private chef position.

From the applicant's point of view, a professional placement agency is by far the best option. Seeking private chefs via word of mouth or employment ads is dangerous at best, whilst at Mise en Place, we can offer pre-screening for both employers and applicants, ensuring an appropriate match between chef and position

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