Catering Management Jobs

Catering Management Jobs 

The catering industry is one of the most varied and exciting sectors of the culinary industry, and catering management jobs are one of the most critical parts of this fast-paced world. Catering management jobs often combine some of the elements of an executive chef job, along with the organisational duties of a restaurant management position, from meeting with event coordinators to arrange a menu and coordinate with venue management, to organising the staff for each event and managing orders with vendors. For individuals who enjoy demanding, varied work environments with a high level of responsibility, catering management jobs can be a perfect choice.

catering management jobs

For a catering company looking to fill a management position, one of the biggest challenges is finding a candidate with either sufficient experience in the catering industry or restaurant management experience and the aptitude to move into the catering field. The unique demands of the catering world are quite different from a restaurant offering essentially the same menu in the same location each night. Each catering event will require serving a different number of people, often a largely unique menu, and the food preparation environment will vary widely from one event to the next.

Mise En Place understands the unique demands of the catering industry, and has years of experience matching suitable catering professionals with positions in a variety of catering industry positions. We maintain a nationwide database of available catering management jobs, as well as continuously accepting CVs from qualified catering industry professionals, to create one of the UK's premier resources for specialty culinary industry employment services. We would be pleased to offer our industry expertise to assist both catering companies and culinary professionals seeking catering management jobs.

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