Catering Jobs UK

Catering Jobs UK 

For people looking for a catering job, UK based Mise en Place we offer a wide range of positions
Our many vacancies available range from catering supervisor within a private hospital in Cheshire to Executive Chef within a new 5* hotel complex in London.

Mise en Place Catering Personnel Services offers a complete service to candidates who are looking for catering jobs UK. We offer advice on current restaurant, hotel and industry trends and vacancies.

We will offer you an in depth interview to ascertain your specific job requirements and match those requirements to appropriate vacancies within our extensive vacancy database of catering jobs uk

Should you be looking to train or work as a chef there are many considerations to take into account:

There are many positive aspects of working as a chef and due to increased publicity with many high profile chefs becoming much more in the public domain, working as a chef is becoming more of an interesting career option to many people.

There are several factors to take into account when considering training as a chef. Workers must be able to withstand the pressure of working a in a hot and fast paced environment, standing for hours at a time and lifting heavy pots and pans.

Work in restaurants and hotels tend to include early morning, late evenings and week-end work although this can differ if you choose to work in another environment such as private hospitals or directors dining which tend to be more regular hours.

Likewise if you are looking to work in a front of house roles, these roles generally comprise of receptionist, Floor staff, Maitre d'hotel and Sommelier.

At Mise en Place we specialise in both Front of House positions at senior levels and chefs at all levels, we look for candidates who display a high level of motivation and proven track employment record within a recognised establishment.

To register with Mise en Place please go to miseenplace and apply today for a full range of catering jobs.

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