Contract Catering Recruitment

Contract Catering Recruitment 

For many years now, Mise en Place have been helping organisations find the best catering talent in the UK. The same goes for those organisations looking to recruit contract catering staff.

What is Contract Catering?

Contract Catering can be seen in organisations throughout the world. A contract caterer will come into a company or workplace and offer complete catering services for staff, offering a wide range of meals and sometimes snacks, throughout the day.

Why use a contract caterer?

A contract catering company is used when it is neither feasible or cost effective to hire your own catering staff to cater for your employees. Catering companies will bid for the work, based on your requirements, and then handle the food requirements from there on in.

If you are a contract caterer, and are looking for the very best catering talent, please contact us and we shall be happy to discuss your requirements.

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