Head Chef Jobs

Head Chef Jobs 

Are you a Head Chef looking for a new job, or have an Head Chef vacancy you wish to fill? 

Head chef jobs are very demanding roles. You must be able to deal with the pressure of working in a fast paced environment. In return you could find yourself working for one of our many prestigious clients.

Mise en Place have been placing chefs at all levels for many years now and know exactly what we need to look for in a perfect candidate for you. Using a combination of the latest technology to screen candidates and many years of professional experience, we can assure you a smooth recruitment process from start to finish.

From the applicant's point of view, a professional placement agency is by far the best option. Seeking executive chefs via word of mouth or employment ads is dangerous at best, whilst a specialty employment agency can offer pre-screening for both employers and applicants, ensuring an appropriate match between chef and position.


Contact Mise en Place today and we will help you achieve your desired goals or fill your Head Chef vacancies.

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